Thursday, September 1, 2011

Finally a run

So far here I've done very little physical activity. Maybe a little swimming at the Palm Meadows club, lots of packing and unpacking, and schlepping the kids around. But when you are driven from your front door to the front door of your office, you're not really exerting yourself. Plus with the food being so good, and the fact that I never have to drive home from a bar or restaurant I've been eating and drinking tons, and packing on the pounds. Clearly this situation is not sustainable.
So this morning I got myself together to have my first run round Palm Meadows (Here's the map at Garmin Connect). It's not a huge place but I did a decent couple of miles, and should be able to stretch it to further in the future. It's nowhere near as nice as running round the lakes in Minneapolis, but it is a beautiful community, and the roads are safe for running. Sadly I'm so out of shape that even two miles was a lot of work (this time last year I was doing 10-12 miles no problem) but you have to start somewhere.

I have the day off work today for the Ganesha Chaturthi festival, so after the run and some breakfast Toby and I had time to play Frisbee for a while on the front lawn and now I'm helping him with some homework. Our maid, Suma, came over this morning to clean out the puja room in the kitchen, because it was "too dirty and Ganesha is a very clean god" (our driver helped us get a Ganesha statue from a roadside stall yesterday so that we could do a little festival in the house). After cleaning, Suma asked where our fruits were for Ganesha - apparently we don't have enough fruits for offerings, or chalk for bindis, so she's nipped out to the store to get supplies so that we can do it all correctly.

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