Monday, September 12, 2011

A trip to the Doctor

Toby has had a rather annoying cough for about three weeks. Given the lack of other symptoms, we have been happily ignoring it and waiting for it to get better on its own. Yesterday, Andrew and Toby had plans with friends, but when they arrived it was all change. It turns out that this cough is going round the school and it can get worse. As they were heading out to the local clinic, I decided to take Toby along.

I registered there a few weeks ago, and so I was armed with all relevant materials and Toby's patient number. This is all remarkably easy - the clinic is a 24 hour multi-discipline place, and while you can make appointments, much of their business seems to be walk-ins. Registration consists of name, phone number, age (not date of birth, just age) and Rs100. When you contrast that with the internet guy requiring passport photos to get you on-line, you have one of those

So we get to the reception desk, tell them Toby has a cough and needs to see the Dr. Rs200 ($4-5) later we're in the line... along with at least three other Palm Meadows families... so, we wait; but actually not for long. I would say there were maybe 4 folks ahead of us and were in within the half hour. Dr. was very nice, asked what was up, had a look and a listen. Easy. Toby does indeed have 'the cough' and also very mild ear/throat infection - as he'd had no fever I had put his infrequently referenced ear ache down to cough strain. Guess we caught it early.

I took the opportunity to ask about medicine names for when I run out of the pediatric analgesics and liquid antihistamine I came over with, and then we were out. All done in about 5 minutes. None of this US Obsession with weight/blood pressure every time you go in. Off to the pharmacy for cough syrup (smells just like the stuff we had as kids) and amoxycillin. 5 day supply of each for about $6. They give you powdered antibiotics that you make up when you get home; saves on refrigeration, which makes a lot of sense. Plenty of room for user error if you're not paying attention, but I like to think Andrew and I are smarter than the average bear.

Some of the other kids had been 'prescribed' steam inhalation. The mothers were in front of me in the line, both Scandinavian. They had not come across karvol capsules before, so I explained what they were, and they seemed really happy. Must remember to go back and buy some myself - so much more soothing to me than Vicks.

Toby seems a lot perkier. I think it is partly knowing that there is actually something wrong, it always makes you feel better to know that someone believes you. Looking back, he really hadn't been himself the last few days... well I'm just back from picking Toby up at school... he ended up with the nurse to have a bit of a sleep and some pain meds. I think that by the time I had made the trek down there he was brighter, but he maybe needs more rest than we thought. 

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