Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A little under the weather

On Sunday I took Dara to the local clinic to have her week-long cough officially diagnosed and treated as the bronchial infection that is making its way around.  Dr. had a good look and listen and thanks to the drugs, other than the night time cough, she is now doing just fine.

A little unusually for me I had felt like my lungs weren't at full capacity and I had a mild cough, so I asked the Dr. to take a look at me as well. It is clearly not a cold, no other symptoms, and he has taken the route that it is quite probably an allergic reaction that is causing some respiratory distress. I am by no means an asthmatic, but I do have a tendency towards that when the right conditions arise, and a couple of times in my life have been given a short term inhaler. For this I have a couple of pills to be popping for a week to see if it all clears up, but for now, lots of rest, warm drinks and an annoying cough.

Stella and Suma have managed to find the pros and cons:
 - Madam, your face; you look so tired
 - but Madam, you are looking a little slimmer
They are also turning into mother hens. Yesterday I had decided no lunch, toast and marmite would do if necessary. Stella overruled me and made tomato soup, "no oil, Madam, good for health". It was delicious. Today, Suma decided I needed a little hands on healing and I got a rather nice head, neck and limb massage.

I better get at least half way human as I have an early Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow that I do not want to miss. Kettle has boiled and I'm off for another round of Ribena.

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