Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chez Mariannick

One of our favorite restaurants here is fortunately quite close to where we live so on a Friday evening we don't have to face tons of traffic to get there, or we can take a 20 minute walk. It's called Chez Mariannick, and is a place with so much unique atmosphere I had to post about it.

It was created and is owned by a lovely couple, Shashi and Mariannick - he's from London and she is from France. My understanding is that they built the place themselves, it's basically in a field off the main road, and it has a lovely rustic feel to it. The centerpiece is the amazing brick ovens, where they make bread, quiches, desserts and some of the best pizza I've ever had. During the week they're open for lunch and dinner and serve all those goodies - they even deliver croissants and other things to local residents:

Making pizza

Cleaning the oven

The patisserie case
On Friday and Saturday nights they also make amazing crepes, so that's when we love to go. It's such a great way to wind down after a busy week. As soon as you arrive (after an effusive welcome from Shashi) you get fresh bread and huge bowls of salad with the excellent French vinaigrette.

Bread and salad

My favorite crepe, La Dijonnaise. Cream, mustard, chicken and mushrooms

Thumb of approval from Toby

Dara prefers a plain buckwheat crepe

The main course pancakes are made from buckwheat flour. Apparently they had some trouble sourcing the right kind of flour at first, but now the quality of the crepes is consistently excellent. The dessert pancakes are to die for:

Peaches and cream crepe

La Belle Helene: pears, chocolate and cream

Look at the amazing texture on the edge of that crepe! Yum. 

They also have a really nice outdoor section with granite tables and benches, and a cool climbing fort for the kids. Toby and Dara always make new friends when we're there. 

Outside the restaurant

Shashi and Mariannick

We've taken a lot of visitors to the place, and if you're in town I highly recommend a visit.

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