Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stormy Weather

We got back from Singapore to a huge storm. Fortunately the plane landed before it got bad, but as we were waiting for our driver at the airport the power in the terminal went out, and we could see loads of lightning flashes in the sky. While we were in Singapore there were quite a few storms, it being a rainforest and all, but everyone took it in their stride - no power cuts, and while people drove a little slower, the traffic still moved calmly and efficiently. Not the case, of course, in Bangalore.

On the drive home a lot of the roads were flooded. We're fortunate we don't have to ride in a rickshaw or on a bike - they must have been totally soaked. Within five minutes of getting home the power went out. We actually have two circuits in the house - one for low-energy appliances like lights, ceiling fans, the fridge and regular power outlets; another for high-energy like the kettle and kitchen appliances and the hot water heaters and air conditioners. The lights etc came on pretty quickly but the high-energy power stayed off until late in the morning so it was a cold shower for me before work in the morning.

Mahesh, our driver, was very late to pick me up in the morning - loads of underpasses on the main road from his house were really flooded so the traffic was terrible for him and on the drive to and from work. The power has been shaky for the last couple of days - we did get high-energy last night but it's been on and off all day so we had to have unheated lasagna for dinner. It was tasty enough but would have been better warm.

The other aspect of the rain starting has been the wildlife. We made the mistake of leaving the porch light on last night and this morning the porch was totally covered in dead beetles and flying ant things - apparently they hatch like crazy when the weather gets like this. It's a bit strange to see so many discarded shells and wings all over the place when you leave the house in the morning.

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