Tuesday, December 6, 2011


India's a pretty noisy place. Music is played loudly, people speak loudly, and the traffic is loud. People use their car horns instead of turn indicators - one honk to indicate "I'm about to pass you", one to say "don't move - I'm passing you", and another just to say "thanks". Trucks have signs on the back asking people to honk. Then there is the racket when the lights turn from red to green and everyone just wants to get moving. It's incessant.

So as a result this noise has been sneaking its way into our lives, but unexpectedly in Dara's speech. A couple of weeks ago she had to visit the doctor, and when she got back she told me that the doctor had checked her heart beep. Then last night Emma and I told her and Toby about our Christmas holiday plans - we're going to Hong Kong for a week and a half - a few days at Disney, followed by a stay in a hotel by the harbour, which should be awesome for New Year fireworks. We're all really excited and were chatting about it for a while, when I realized there was something odd about how Dara was pronouncing Hong Kong - she thought that we were going to a place called Honk Honk.

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