Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dara's Princess Makeover

One thing Emma and I discussed before we went on this trip is that it was going to be really pricey. However we agreed that this is OK for a few reasons: Firstly we've all been working really hard as a family over the last year as we've prepared for our move to Bangalore and have worked on settling in. Secondly, we wanted the kids to know how much we appreciate them as we've kind of foisted this major life change on them, some of which has been better but a few things have certainly been more challenging (not that money means appreciation, but we wanted to allow them to have some cool experiences while we're here). Also we felt that if you're at a place like Disney and are watching the pennies it's just not going to be as fun, and although clearly that means we're falling into their nefarious trap we're OK with it.

Anyway, a result of this is that we thought it'd be neat to sign Dara up for the princess makeover experience at the hotel - we felt it was something she'd really appreciate at her age, and would be really happy to look back on when she's older. The hotel has a boutique where girls (and I assume boys if they want to) can choose a princess dress and get the full makeover experience, including a big photo shoot. Dara was thrilled that Emma took her along, while Toby and I stayed in our room and watched some of the second Harry Potter movie, which he got from Santa. She had quite a time:

Rapunzel dress selected, and in the makeup chair, ready to go

Getting her nails done

Having her hair pulled back. This was the one bit she wasn't crazy about until they put glitter spray in

Eyeshadow being applied

Hair and makeup being done at the same time

Add some blusher

And apply the Rapunzel hair!

And here is Princess Rapunzel

From the back

Dara tells the photographer that she's four

Photoshoot in progres


Floor shot

In the princess chair

Afterwards, in the hallway. She felt much better once her hair wasn't pulled back so tight!
The whole experience took over an hour, and I think she had an amazing time. It seems a little ridiculous but a special thing for her to have done. We got four photos in total to take home, something neat for her to remember. Afterwards it was time again to go to the park - there were some rides we wanted to do again, and some we hadn't tried before, including seeing the Golden Mickeys musical show, which was totally great. The singers and dancers are so professional and it was really enjoyable. Toby discovered the Space Mountain rollercoaster ride and loved it. They do a photo while you're zooming along, and he did a great pose with the Hong Kong-style v-for-victory fingers, and we got a copy to take home. Later in the day when he did it again he was in a totally laid back pose with his hands behind his head. It was hilarious as everyone else in the car was screaming and he looks like he's chilling out on the sofa.

Dara waiting for the flying saucer ride

Dara and me on the flying saucer

Dara in her 3D glasses

Dara gets her groove on
On the way home we persuaded someone to take a photo of the four of us:

Then it was time to go back to the hotel for a nightcap. There's not much booze at Disneyland, but the hotel lobby sold some, and we felt we deserved it:

Toby giving Dara a ride home

The Disneyland hotel lobby

Dara dancing to the jazz band

Well deserved glasses of bubbly
We're a bit sad to leave Disney, although we feel like we really made the most of it. Hopefully we can go to the Orlando or LA park one day - it'll be interesting to see how different it is from the Hong Kong park. But for now it's time to head to our next stop - Kowloon in central Hong Kong for five days!


  1. The photo of Toby & me looking back over our shoulder is our take on what is officially the "Princess Belle" pose. Apparently each Princess has a signature pose that is from her movie. I did not get a photo of Dara's Rapunzel pose, but it is the one with arms crossed across chest and heel down/toe up ready to tap. I assume Snow White's is the palms together coy shoulder shrug, but no idea what the others might be. Anyone know?

  2. hey how much did you spend for the princess makeover???? thanks

  3. Not sure - I think it came to about USD250 or so