Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Disney Christmas Day

We've been busy so I hadn't had time to write posts since Christmas Eve. But we had a great time in our last couple of days at Disneyland Hong Kong, and although we do like Bangalore, it's been such a treat to be somewhere so clean and fresh. Also we have enjoyed not having to drive or be driven anywhere - after a couple of days we worked out that it's actually quicker to walk from our hotel to the park than to walk to the bus terminus and ride back, so the only vehicles we've been on have been park rides. Bliss.

The thing the kids were most concerned about was whether Santa would know that we were in Hong Kong, but of course they needn't have worried:

(as a reminder, you can click on any of these pics to see the full size versions)

They were very happy with what they got. I got a pretty fancy haul - a beautiful Italian silk tie and pocket square, some Paul Smith socks, a pair of pewter haggis cufflinks, and some Cuban cigars! I've never smoked a cigar in my life, but I've always fancied the idea of at least just having one, so I'll be looking for someone in the know to help me with technique.

Anyway, I had booked for us to go the the Enchanted Garden buffet for a Disney character breakfast, and it was a lot of fun. The food was awesome - a great mix of Asian, American and European, and totally delicious. And the kids really enjoyed meeting Mickey etc:

It was a totally beautiful day - about 19ÂșC and sunny, so it was a great time to head down to the park. Dara was in quite a hurry:

There were absolutely tons of people, including a large tourist party from India:

We ended up at the starting point of the daily parade, which meant we got to see things a lot more clearly than the first day - here are some of the highlights:

Marching Band

Buzz Lightyear dancers

Toby and Dara on Main Street USA
After the parade it was time for our Christmas lunch:

Following this Dara had a bit of a dream come true - she got to meet two real live princesses. Afterwards she showed that princesses have to be strong as well as pretty:

We decided not to stay late after such a big day, but Toby and Emma did have time to do a last flying saucer ride, and got in a good Hong Kong pose for it:

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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