Friday, July 29, 2011


We arrived late last night after a long long journey. Fortunately it was very boring, which is exactly what you want from a plane ride. The kids really enjoyed business class, although Dara wasn't totally great with the food. Delta really need to think about what to put in the kids' meals and think about what a child would actually eat - lemon scented orzo is probably not it. The only real misfortune about the flight was that I left my Amazon Kindle on the plane when we arrived - I'm hoping that Air France are looking for it.

Speaking of which, we had eight checked bags altogether, and although it felt like they were all fully loaded the heaviest was only 61 pounds. Apart from the car seat bag they all made it here on time, and that bag should be delivered to the hotel tonight. No real problem - it meant that the kids got to ride on regular seats from the airport to the hotel, which I think they thought was a bit of a treat. We got to our rooms around 2am, and although it took a while to get Dara to get to sleep we totally crashed out and didn't wake up till about 9.

We're having a lazy, laying-around kind of day today. Pretty decent breakfast, then a walk around Palm Meadows so that the family could get a feel for the place. I think they liked it a lot - it's really beautiful - although the awesomeness of it doesn't really shine through unless you've left Minneapolis in the snow. We walked by the new house, and were glad to see that there were workmen painting and cleaning the place for when we move in!

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