Sunday, July 31, 2011

Settling in

I'm not an experienced globe trotter, but one of my favourite moments of any trip is when you transition from the inside of an airport that could be anywhere in the world, to the outside - that moment when your destination becomes real. Bangalore gives quite the welcome late at night with a warm and gentle breeze, palm trees and a quiet chaos that reminds you there are new 'rules' to learn and not follow.

Dara and I shared a car to our hotel, we liked waving to Toby & Andrew in their car as we changed places on the road. I tried to focus on Dara rather than the fact I thought we'd be squished under a truck at any minute, but there were 2 or 3 uncomfortably close calls. A day light car ride was better as it was much busier so we had to go slower. There was a political rally in the street; it seems there are elections coming up.

We have been taking it pretty easy so far, but I managed to survive my first shopping experience as the attendants flocked around. One of the nicest things about moving to the US was that I dropped a few dress sizes instantly due to different sizing from the UK; even though you know it is fake, it feels good - yeah, scratch that for India... a new opportunity to learn that it isn't about the number (or in this case letter).

Foodwise I am trying to pace myself, well trying to keep a balance of Indian/Western cuisine so that I don't shock my system. Dosa for breakfast is wonderful, but it really does not go with coffee. Interesting wine experience last night; a pleasant South African Sauvignon Blanc to go with my delicious aubergine - but each one I ordered, the glass (and pour) got bigger; and no, it didn't just seem that way.

Things will really kick off tomorrow when we leave vacation mode and start planning for our move to real life. I'm excited for that as we really have too many suitcases to be living out of them for much longer.


  1. How soon before we can send stuff to your new address?

  2. Enjoying your posts, Emma and Andrew!

  3. Good question and I'm not sure. The children got a package from the UK to our hotel in about 4 days, so it was quicker than we thought, but that is hardly a scientific sample. Our suggestion is either wait until we have a move in date or send it to us at the hotel if you want to get it out sooner.