Monday, August 1, 2011


Lots of organizing going on today. We had a few key things planned, and I think I'd assumed by this point in the day (just after 6pm) we would have a lot completed. We're partially there.

One thing I was really happy about was that my Amazon Kindle, which I had left on the plane when we landed at Bangalore, had been found and handed into Air France's baggage services. I was really impressed that they would email me to let me know. It made up a bit for the fact that one of our cases didn't arrive with us (although they brought it to our hotel the next day) and another case - brand new and fairly expensive - gained a large tear in the side during transit. My plan was to send our driver out to the airport to pick it up for us this afternoon. I'll be returning to this plan.

We didn't particularly do much yesterday, so we didn't use a driver, but I called the car firm yesterday to ask for our car at 9am, as we were planning to take Toby to his school  to get him all signed up, get his uniform, and most importantly for him find out which house he would be in. By 9:30 no driver, so I called the car company. Lots of back and forth and finally a car at 11:20. This was the rest of the family's first daytime drive around Bangalore - it's a semi-rural road from where we are staying and just under a half hour, so not too bad and plenty to see. Toby doesn't like all the speed bumps, but we all did fine. Unfortunately some admin hadn't been completed between my company and the school, so we didn't get everything completed so we don't yet know his house, but it was good to get there and let him see around the amazing campus a bit.

Once we got back to the hotel for lunch I asked the driver to go out to the airport, and gave him a letter confirming that he was authorized to collect the Kindle. His English isn't that great, but he seemed to get the gist of it, so off he went. We were set to meet our relocation folks at our house, and we had a good look around. It's looking great now it's all being painted, and I think Emma and the kids liked it a lot. The living room was smaller than I remembered, so we will probably cut back on furniture a bit, but overall it seems pretty decent. Can't wait to be having gins and tonic on the balcony, with fresh limes from our lime tree!

After that we came back to the hotel and met some friends - the kids swam like crazy with the other kids, while the grown-ups had a beer. When Emma and I got back to the room we got a call from reception telling us that there was a delivery from Air France. I answered the door in excitement, expecting the Kindle, but it was our giant suitcase! It had been fixed really well - I can't even see where the tear was - but no sign of the Kindle. Hmmm. I need to find out if it was our driver who delivered it and was given the wrong thing at the airport, or if Air France themselves delivered it. I don't yet have a phone so it's a bit hard to navigate things, but we'll see how this all works out.

UPDATE: The driver just got back to the hotel with my Kindle! Hooray. It must have been quite a trek - he left the hotel at about 1:30pm, and it's now seven hours later. I hope the whole time wasn't doing this, but I was very grateful.

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