Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Running Errands

What a day. My first experience with our relocation consultant and being out and about to get things done. She is wonderful - and very patient with bored children; so understanding in fact that we are leaving the serious shopping orientation until after Andrew is regularly in the office and the kids are both at school... bring it, Malini, I can take it!

So, what we did do was a first trip to Hypercity, the local supermarket. Who knew that a shop in Bangalore could make me feel more at home than some in the US? We had Waitrose packaged goods and Digestives and Tetley (albeit a bit on the weak side) and Toby purchased his first roll of Polos for 10 rupees - anyone else recall them being 10p? Obviously we also found US brands and some fabulous looking Indian fare as well. Feeding the family will be no problem at all as long as we don't plan to use too much cheese. Ended up chatting with a woman from Chester, her husband is here with Tesco. She seemed a little apologetic it was her first 'posting', but I pointed out that my 11 yrs in the US were not on assignment, but a deliberate emigration. My accent clearly continues all over the place as she mentioned I didn't sound like I was from Kent. Maybe next time I see her I'll do my best radio-call-in Mandy from West Malling voice?

After that it was my turn to tour the furniture store. Andrew had been and selected some items for our house when he was here in June. Now I have seen the house I wanted to put it all in context. We ended up making a few changes based on budget, what we have shipped, and scale for the living room, but essentially all his choices stand. I seem to be the only one not surprised that my husband can choose suitable, no, desirable furniture and pick good fabric.

We dropped in at Dara's new school, but they were out of session today. She got to look round the grounds and see the play areas, so that should help on day 1. There seems to be a huge market in English speaking pre-schools. No idea how many of them are quality operations, but I was really surprised. Dara's is the only IB early centre in town, but I'm sure others will follow. It is especially funny given that most of the ex-pat families will have one parent at home and the option of a Nanny; just goes to show how important it is for kids to have some classroom experience before that first day of school, whether or not it is full day/week... and how important it is to placate trailing spouses with the promise of a quiet life at home.

The kids are wiped out again and so I'm just relaxing while Andrew is out at a leaving party for one of his team members. Don't think Andrew's arrival is related to the departure, but it is great that he was invited along, and it is a good chance to put names and faces together before he gets into the office next week.


  1. What no Cheese!!??!! Is that because it is not much like the UK stuff or because it is outrageously expensive?

  2. We went back today and there was great Scottish mature cheddar. So we're doing OK :)

  3. 'Mandy from West Malling' - no Tracey from Cha'ham would be funnier