Monday, August 8, 2011

First school day

The kids had their first days at school today. It was a bit of a long morning in the car for Dara - it was about 30-40 minutes each way to drop Toby off at his school till we got her to her place, but she did really well. With all the bumping and weaving of traffic we had been expecting them both to be a bit carsick but they've had no probs so far. Toby couldn't wait to get to school, and within a minute of getting to his classroom he sent us away because he was all set. He rode the bus home, and told us that his whole day was totally great, making new friends, doing new classes like drama, eating Indian food for lunch and generally having an awesome time. He looked great in his new uniform:

He's in the sports uniform for the next couple of days till he gets his "formals", and I'll post a picture once he has them sorted. He's never worn a tie in his life, so it'll be interesting to see how he does. He already had to get his hair cut yesterday to comply with school standards! 

Dara did well too - when she arrived at school there was already an activity going on, and she didn't really want to join in halfway through, but once they started doing painting she got right into things and Emma and I felt fine leaving her to it. She rode the bus home too, and apart from one of the boys trying to take a toy from her it sounds like she did great too and she's looking forward to going back tomorrow. Here she is before we left for school:

Although it's been great to have so much family time over the last week and a half, Emma and I enjoyed having a bit of space from the kids. We celebrated by taking loads of time in the local supermarket, investigating what kinds of food are available and taking our time doing things without anyone whining at us! Most things in the store seemed pretty familiar - it has a Waitrose department so there are tons of British foods. The meat and fish counter was interesting - lots of good-looking fresh fish we've never heard of before; the meat looked pretty good but we are likely to give the goat brains a miss. After coffee and samosas for lunch we had a couple of hours just lounging in the sun, reading books and drinking tea, which was just what we needed, nice and relaxing before I go back to work in the morning.

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  1. First day at school is a major hurdle. Glad it all went well.

    Can't believe you have Waitrose products - perhaps I could live in India after all!