Saturday, August 13, 2011

August Paintball

I wanted the India experience to be reasonably full of things I've never done before. One thing I didn't expect was that this would include going paintballing for the first time. One of my friends here is really into paintball, and there's a place not too far away which has a paintball field, plus a big climbing wall and a skate park (which Toby will really enjoy). As you'll see from the album the other guys were all quite a bit bigger than me - some of them are IT guys, but a couple looked pretty serious about sport and stuff. (click on the picture below to get to the album)

August Paintball

So I was sure I wouldn't be nervous. Getting ready was kind of fun, although the borrowed masks were pretty stinky. Fortunately one of the guys had brought some disinfecting wipes, which helped. The games were a lot more enjoyable than I expected - I got really into it, and it was a lot of fun hiding behind the barriers, and reaching out to take a shot. I had been warned that it hurts when a ball hits you, and it's really true - I got a few on my thighs, and a bunch on my upper arms, which have left some great bruises. The only one I was worried about was getting hit on the hand, but after it going really dark purple right away, it seems to be just fine now.

Anyway, it was a ton of fun and a good way to meet a bunch of the other guys here. I'm reasonably sure I won't be a fanatic, but might give it another go once or twice.

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