Thursday, August 4, 2011


I posted on Facebook yesterday that I'm totally in awe of how the kids are doing so far. They're really getting on well - eating lots of new food (Toby especially is enjoying the spicy food and garlic naan bread, and last night ate loads of veggie dim sums at the buffet) and not being freaked out by the views through the car windows as we drive through semi-rural parts of town to and from Toby's school. They seem to be just accepting things pretty well. They've also been working on making friends at the hotel's playground and swimming pool - even Dara was very definite yesterday that she needed to make friends by herself and didn't need help from us.

There's a mall about 20 minutes' walk from where we're staying, and we went for the first time on Saturday. Dara was fascinated by the colors of the clothes the women were wearing, and when I asked if she wanted to go into a store she said "No, I want to stay out here and look at the ladies' beautiful saris." It reminded me that the very first thing she said when we told her we were moving here was "Can I wear jewels on my forth-head?" and she's been really interested in the clothing. Today after spending the morning at Toby's school we went to the mall for lunch (KFC) and to look for an Indian dress for Dara.

As an aside, the KFC was surprisingly great - we got a very friendly welcome from the staff, and the food was really good. I wondered if the Indian people dropping in thought that it must be authentic because there were Western people there, the same way as we would do if we see "real Chinese" people in an Asian restaurant.

Anyway, we looked at a few stores, then found one called Favorite Shop which had a big selection of girls' and women's Indian and western clothes. The assistant was great in finding an outfit for Dara, but really the second pink dress she saw was apparently the one, so that had to be tried on. It fit really well, apart from the leggings which the store people shortened in about 10 minutes. Dara knew exactly how the different pieces went together, including how to wear the scarf piece (the Dupatta) in different ways. She's clearly been watching. She wore it for dinner tonight, and while in general she seems to get a lot of attention from the waiters, they were even smilier than usual to her:

I should point out that even though she thought she was an Indian princess, it didn't stop her jumping in all the muddy rain puddles after a quick downpour this afternoon.

As for Toby, fashion isn't really his thing, but he did get a lot of his school uniform today. Several sets of sports/non-formal clothes (green t-shirts, shorts and tracksuits), a school cap, two school ties, two v-neck sweaters, one sleeved and one sleeveless, a brown leather belt and brown leather shoes, which Dara said made him look like he had old man's feet. He was also measured by the tailor, so that he'll be getting his "formal" school clothes on Monday.


  1. She looks so cute! I can't wait to see pictures of Toby in his uniform.

  2. How old does she have to be before she can intern as a buyer's assistant for the Target clothing department?