Monday, July 11, 2011

Shopping and prepping

Right now we are going slightly crazy with preparing the house for our renters and getting things to take to India. It's hard to reconcile the two activities - on one hand we're working on cleaning, binning and donating stuff we don't need (actually Emma is doing the bulk of this) and on the other we're acquiring stuff - mostly storage solutions, packaged food like mac and cheese, and paper goods. We're trying to keep the two activities as separate as possible, so the basement and the guest room are both full of things to take. The movers are coming over on Thursday to give us an idea of what can go in our air shipment (1,000 pounds of stuff) vs. our sea shipment (a 20-foot container), and I'm hoping they will give us some packing boxes so that we can start putting clothes away and getting things ready for hauling. Tonight the renters are coming over so that we can do more to decide what they'd like us to leave in the house for them and what they don't want.

We're also trying to balance how the kids are doing - Toby has had a couple of uncharacteristic moments where he's been a bit overwhelmed with not knowing where everything is, but I think he's fine. We're trying to keep him busy - he has some summer camp stuff next week, and the week after he has a five night overnight camp with the YMCA which he loves doing, so that should keep his mind and body busy.

It's coming together pretty well, but it won't feel under control till everything is in a container.

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